Estancia Cristina

Estancia Cristina was founded in 1914 by the Family Masters, authentic English settlers. Today it is a unique lodge in the middle of Glacier National Park and with exclusive access to the most imposing view of the Upsala glacier. An enchanted place of great warmth, which like in the past offers Patagonian hospitality. The lodge has 16 comfortable rooms distributed in 4 stylish cottages, exquisite Patagonian cuisine, a museum and a variety of programs to enjoy this wonderful region. Its rooms, decorated with simple elements integrate the austere history of the Estancia and the stunning simplicity of the landscape. Estancia Cristina is a mixture of beauty and tranquillity that offers hiking, horseback riding, fishing, bird watching, historical tours and four wheel drive touring. A perfect combination of nature, history and pleasure along the Upsala Glacier.

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