Camelback Safari

Similar to horseback safaris, camelback safaris disguise the human scent and allow you to get closer to wild animals, and the camel’s height gives you a unique perspective. If a camelback safari appeals to you, the Laikipia Plateau of Northern Kenya or the Moroccan Sahara are your best options. Some of our favorite properties that offer camelback safaris are Ol Malo, Sabuk, Karisia, and Sosian in Kenya or Gold Sand Camp and Dar Ahlam in the Moroccan Sahara. Uniquely, you can ride camelback from Sasaab to visit the Samburu village close by.

For the ultimate photo-op, take a partial camelback safari tour of the pyramids in Giza, Egypt; or through the moon-like landscape of Wadi Rum in Jordan. Many of these properties also offer overnight camel or horseback safaris as well.