Olivia Schellenberg

Head of Sales & Business Development, Regional South America

Independent | Reliable | Enthusiastic

After completing her degree in Clinical Psychology, Olivia moved to Argentina, hoping to learn a new language. Having never visited South America or stepped foot in a Spanish class, she likens her move to Buenos Aires to a blind date—exciting but tinged with apprehension. Ultimately, the chaos and harmony of the city drew Olivia in, and she fell in love. With Argentina as her home base for several years, she took every opportunity to travel the continent extensively. Her enthusiasm for South America grew with every trip, as did her connection with this colorful part of the world. No matter how often she returns, she continues to be amazed by the region’s diversity in landscapes and culture. Olivia now channels that passion into her work— she serendipitously landed in the travel realm and has stayed ever since. Her love for the region is untamable, and she considers herself lucky to share it with others. Although Olivia is now based in Boston, Massachusetts, she will always consider South America her home.

My most cherished experiences have been spontaneous additions: suggestions from people I've met along the way, viewpoints that caught my eye, or restaurants with a bustling crowd.

My Greatest Adventure

Moving to Buenos Aires having never been before. The move felt like a blind date: I was nervous, excited, and had no idea what to expect. As I crossed into the city limits, I fell in love. I was smitten with the chaos and harmony of Buenos Aires. The challenge of learning a new language, navigating Latin American bureaucracy, and adapting to the Argentine way of life was a greater adventure than any camping, rafting, or backpacking trip I’ve done.

My Favorite Destinations

I’m lucky to have experienced many diverse landscapes and cultures in my travels. While they are each superlative in their way, no place can compare to Antarctica—it felt like I was on another planet entirely. The scale and purity of the mountains and glaciers are hard to comprehend. The icebergs were especially captivating, each unique in shades of blue and improbable angles of ice etched by the sea over decades. Each bay and cove I explored was like another page in a storybook—with whales breaching at the water’s surface, seals sunning themselves on icebergs, and penguins clumsily waddling along the shore. With minimal human exposure, the animals are very friendly and curious—a cormorant jumped on the back of my kayak and hitched a ride for ten minutes!

Top Countries I Have Travelled to:


Costa Rica

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