Top 4 Upcoming Group Safaris

It’s obvious that we love curating individualized journeys for independent travelers, and we don’t often highlight group trips. Sometimes, however, a set departure is just the right option for your needs, and the four trips below warrant a special shout-out. These are great options for solo travelers seeking fellow globe-trotters to connect with, or for couples and families excited to have an independent, personalized guide host and educate them throughout their time in-country. Below are our top four upcoming group trips.

1. Northern Tanzania with George Mavroudis: February 2018

Explore Tanzania in the most unique way. ©Manyara Ranch Conservancy

Join one of Tanzania’s top guides, George Mavroudis, for 12-nights of private guiding. Hit the top game-viewing parks and conservation areas under canvas, with an added emphasis on cultural interactions with the Hadzabe. Born and raised in Tanzania, Mavroudis’ love for, and knowledge of, his country is a true delight.

2. Explore South Africa with John Moody: May 2018

John’s last guided trip in Zimbabwe.

We’re thrilled for guests to get to know EJ Safari Specialist John Moody personally. A long-time travel professional, John grew up in Africa and his passion for its wilderness areas and its welcoming people is infectious. Join John for 12 days in South Africa, from big cities to the bushveld – you’ll be in expert hands every step of the way.

2. Zambia Conservation & Ecotourism: October 2017

Get the tried and true safari experience. ©Shumba Camp

Zambia is one of our favorite, oft-overlooked, safari destinations. It retains a certain “back to basics” enchantment for the adventurous, and this set departure enhances natural wonder with hands-on conservation education involvement. Rhino tracking, community engagement, the Zambian Carnivore Project, and more make this an unforgettable journey beyond game-viewing.

4. Freediving in Baja California Sur: October 2018

Freediving is a great way to gain a new underwater perspective on the life that teems below.

Want something closer to home? Hanli Prinsloo, founder of I Am Water, is leading a trip this October in Baja California. Explore the lively waters of Cabo Pulmo Park, home to the only hard coral reef in North America. Discover massive schools of Jack fish, sea lions, shipwreck remains, and awe-inspiring whale sharks.