Travel Q&A with Safari Specialist:

1. Why Namibia?

An excellent trip in Africa for anyone wanting a mix of wildlife, conservation education opportunities, activity, unique landscapes, culture and friendly people.

2. What was the most memorable moment?

Watching the sundowners from sundowner rock at Mowani Mountain Camp. The staff set up cushions and walked around with drinks/snacks. It was so relaxing.

Travel Q&A with Safari Specialist

3. What was your favorite meal?

Sunrise breakfast at Desert Rhino Camp. Just a short 5 minute drive, the staff has a full breakfast set up with eggs cooked to order, breads, fruit and cereals and of course the delicious African coffee. There’s even a special loo with a view set up!

4. What was your favorite activity?

It’s a 3-way tie: Desert Rhino tracking, visit to Twfelfontein, and visit with the Himba.

5. Did you have any significant cultural experience? If so, what?

Yes, meeting the Himba was really special. The women especially hold their traditions tightly. We spoke to them through our guide as they asked questions and were especially interested in my pregnant belly! Lots of belly rubs for me – it felt like a special blessing. Headed into one of the huts to witness the very lengthy beauty routine consisting of incense deodorant and body steaming as well as the mixing of clay to put on the women’s bodies and hair to give them that gorgeous glow.

Travel Q&A with Safari Specialist

6. How does this trip compare to previous trips to Africa?

Definitely more laid back. You go for the whole experience – landscapes, culture, people, and special wildlife sightings. Namibia is very other-worldly

7. How did you find the “safari” experience?

**This isn’t really applicable as I didn’t go to Etosha, where most would go.

However, I loved the special safari experience of rhino and cheetah tracking on foot. Seeing desert adapted elephants was incredibly special and learning about conservation efforts at AfriCat and at Desert Rhino Camp really put into perspective the incredible work the conservation teams do in Namibia to help educate the locals and safeguard the wildlife for years.

8. How was the wildlife?

Incredible as you learn as well as see. While not as dense as other game viewing areas in Africa, the landscape really sets up your viewing to be quite spectacular.

9. What was the biggest challenge?

Long drives can be tough – but good thing for Namibia that there are also airstrips accessing almost all areas you could want to go. And, our Ultimate Safaris guide really made our drives interesting! It’s imperative to have a great guide if you’re going to be in the car for a while.

Travel Q&A with Safari Specialist

10. What do you wish you had known beforehand?

It can really get hot! You have an idea of this, but it is a different story altogether once you’re in the heat.

11. What about Namibia inspires you?

The kindness and passion of the guides, camp managers and staff members. Everyone was smart, welcoming and eager to share knowledge.

12. When you think about Namibia now .. what image comes to mind?

Sunrises over endless landscapes. Lions in the desert. Young Himba boys fascinated with our safari vehicle.

Travel Q&A with Safari Specialist

13. Would you go back? If so, what would you do next time?

Definitely. I’d like to explore Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp as well as do a multi-day hike in Fish River Canyon.