With Chloe Flatt and Carli Flemmer

Wednesday, February 8, 2023, at 12:00 PM EST

You’re invited to join us on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, for a special edition of Passports with one of our favorites: African Parks. This non-profit conservation organization that takes on complete responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of protected areas in Africa, in partnership with governments and local communities. They are one of the most impactful leaders in African conservation. At Extraordinary Journeys, we support all the work they do throughout parks in Africa that we love to travel to, as well as many areas that are a little bit off the radar and tourist track. 

During this hour-long webinar, we’ll have an intimate conversation with Carli Flemmer, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chloe Flatt, funding and reporting manager for African Parks projects in Rwanda’s Akagera National Park, and our EJ team will share some of our favorite destinations and activities in Rwanda and Zambia that support their conservation efforts—from hiking in the rainforest and visiting chimpanzees and golden monkeys in Nyungwe while staying at the beautiful One and Only Nyungwe House, or follow the newly-settled rhinos in Akagera while visiting African Parks very own Rusizizi Tented Lodge or the higher-end Magashi Camp in the north of the park in a private concession.

The duo will be talking about some of African Parks’ most impactful projects. Chloe who’s currently living inside Rwanda’s Akagera National Park—one of Africa’s greatest conservation success stories and Central Africa’s largest protected wetland. Akagera is almost unrecognizable today compared to over 20 years ago when it was on the verge of being lost forever, making its story of revival even more remarkable. In 2021, 30 Southern white rhinos were successfully translocated from Phinda Reserve in South Africa to Akagera in the most significant single rhino translocation to date. “African Parks has been able to turn the park around, making it into a haven that’s home to the big five,” says Chloe. “The reason the white rhinos are here is that it’s a viable, safe place to extend the population of rhinos.” 

Chloe will also share information on Rwanda’s magical Nyungwe National Park—one of the oldest rainforests in Africa. It’s a biodiversity hot spot that feeds two of the world’s largest rivers, the Congo and the Nile, providing a significant portion of the country’s freshwater.

Carli will dive into African Parks’ efforts to secure the pristine wilderness of the second largest park in all of Africa: Kafue National Park in Western Zambia, from the most pressing threats to the wildlife populations. African Parks’ efforts have helped make it a globally significant wildlife sanctuary and a premier tourism destination. Kafue makes up 25 percent of the world’s largest transboundary conservation area. She’ll also share about Liuwa Plains National Park, which has one of the oldest African conservation histories, dating back to the late 19th century. Liuwa Plain’s remote landscape is characterized by seasonal flooding and abundant wildlife with no crowds like you find in the well-traveled national parks—one more reason we love sending clients there.

About Carli Flemmer, Chief Marketing Officer

Carli is the Chief Marketing Officer for African Parks. She oversees all marketing and communications strategies to nurture and enhance the African Parks brand globally. She has a deep passion for biodiversity conservation and a practical understanding of the value of story-telling to raise awareness of the importance of working with multiple stakeholders to achieve a more significant and lasting impact.

About Chloe Flatt, Funding and Reporting Manager

Born in Australia, Chloe’s family heritage is in East Africa, where she has found home. Chloe has extensive experience in tourism and conservation, both on the ground, looking after guests, and as a marketing manager, living and working in Kenya and Rwanda. Currently studying a Conservation MBA at the African Leadership University, Chloe recently joined African Parks as Special Projects Manager and looks forward to continuing to build up Akagera National Park as a prime example of effective conservation driving economic benefits locally and nationally.

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